Northwest Michigan’s Only ISA Certified Arborist,

ISA Certified Treeworker/Climber Specialist!

Bo Burke Consulting Arborist

Trees can become hazardous.  Bo Burke is “Tree Risk Assessment Qualified” through the International Society of Arboriculture.  Through his expertise in the field of bio-mechanics, tree biology, as well as his experience in reading tree conditions, he is able to assess whether your trees are a credible danger to people and property.  Bo can also assign risk levels, and prescribe risk mitigation strategies, so you can enjoy your trees through maturity.    

Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to get to the root of your problem, and Bo Burke Consulting Arborist is your source for help. His knowledge, expertise, and experience give him a solid understanding to assist you with your arborist needs.


Tree Risk Assessment

Did you know that trees have value far greater than the lumber they hold?  Bo’s appraisals follow the guidelines set by the ISA through the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.  Tree appraisals contain specific information about species, size, condition and location - but these measures are not the whole picture.  Appraisals also place value on the contributions a tree makes to the overall property, to the natural environment, and to the wider community.  

Tree Appraisals

Sadly, Bo gets called in for a tree problem at a new construction just as the last contractors are packing up their tools.  The decision to protect and preserve the trees on a construction site is an important one.  A few well planned steps during construction can make the difference between a post-construction disappointment and a proud and satisfied new owner.  

Construction Protection

Legal disputes in our area involving the loss of trees due to disreputable tree companies, or vandalism are becoming more frequent.  Did you know that in Michigan, payouts to owners for the loss of a tree can be 3X its appraised value?  Bo is a court-qualified Forensic Expert/Expert Witness.   Bo’s skill, experience, training and education in the field of Arboriculture make him the trees’ best advocate.

Legally Speaking

We are seeing an increase in insects, infections, and man-made disorders that are stressing and killing our beautiful trees.  Early detection is pivotal in getting remedies to take hold.  Bo’s diagnoses are accompanied by treatments and best practices ranging from intrusive measures, to more passive controls that allow nature to regain its balance.


What grows well in the sand or shade?  What will stabilize that eroded windswept corner?  Which trees and shrubs can tolerate salt? Pollution?  Attract wildlife?  Many considerations go into selecting the right tree for the right spot.  When feasible, Bo promotes planting native trees and shrubs over their exotic counterparts.  Put to work, native species enrich your landscape, correct land issues, and support the environment.  Sign up for one of the Native Trees and Shrubs classes that Bo teaches through Northwestern Michigan College’s, Extended Education Program, and learn about the trees growing just outside your back door.

Woody Plant Selection

Bo offers oversight and monitoring for urban forestry, planning, and development projects that involve pruning, removal, planting, and transplanting.

Project Management

Need to know more about trees?  Bo has taught many people throughout the area about nature’s most vital plants.  Plan a seminar, training session, or guided hike. His clients include:

- Leelanau Conservancy

- Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

- Northwestern Michigan College

- Traverse City School District

- Girl Scouts of America

- Boy Scouts of America

- Sakura Bonsai Society of Northern Michigan


Public Education

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